BoyMeetsWorld: Become Someone

boymeetsworld-become-someone-reviewYou start to feel like Matthew McConaughey in Dazed and Confused when you like pop rock. You get older but the majority of the fans stay the same age. While I may be 10-15 years older than the average BoyMeetsWorld fan, at least I can honestly say I know where they got their name from without researching. I can also say that even though I’m almost 30, I truly dug Become Someone. My ears haven’t perked up in some time due to a record that’s come through here, and it’s all due to their Simple Plan like lyrics here and there and their overall All Time Low appeal.

I had to toss in a band people my age would know and one from today. Nevertheless, Become Someone opens with “Feel It In the Air” and instantly you’re overwhelmed with how much fun the band’s having. By the second track I had to wonder if BoyMeetsWorld is already on all those “must watch” lists the big guys do – because they should be. “So In What?” is done both plugged in and acoustic and listening back to back, you’re fine with either. It’s just one of the slowed down gems. That and the ever so sweet, “You I Belong To.” What was odd though was “All Or Nothing.” Musically it came across harder and didn’t quite fit in. Lyrically, because I always have to go there – the uber Simple Plan “Moving On” and “Best You’ve Ever Had” are the ones that most are going to be able to attach to.

So whether you’re my age or a lot younger, if you’re a fan of bands like All Time Low and Good Charlotte – you’re going to want to check out BoyMeetsWorld right now. They have fun, but at the same time deliver a reality check with their lyrics. Now you have to make sure to mark your calendars for June 16th because that’s when Become Someone drops.


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