GML: Where’s the Beef?

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After a couple of months dreading, freaking out over and crying about it…I finally got on a plane. It was boring. I will admit, that whole taking off shit was not the business but I’m glad I finally got the chance to do it and I won’t be so scared the next time I have to – which is next week when we have to head back to LA. Speaking of, it’s weird in Virginia – but in a good way. Being from the desert and then moving to LA – I’ve never been around this much greenery. Also, there are A LOT of cows. Surprisingly it’s only smelled by one of their fields. I wish I could tell you about the wedding, but that’s yet to happen and I think I’ll walk away from that 50lbs heavier because there is not only cake, but A COOKIE BAR.

Musically, I got everything done last week for this week since I wouldn’t have time to sit and write everything. So what happened here…hmm, a really awesome interview, a little Foo Fighters and a helpful list if you’re into mainstream music and want to know what albums are out in June. Next week a review of one of my favorite records of 2015 so far, an interview with a well educated individual and a yet-to-be-picked cover song. Any suggestions?

Now I have to get back to helping with a wedding, looking at homes that look like life size dollhouses and the rest of my first adventure outside of California and further than Vegas. One last thing, I hope that family with the baby who cried for 3/4ths of the trip here…isn’t on the plane on the way home. Cute baby, but give that kid some Nyquil and call it a day.

Nope, one last thing and this time I’m serious…The Academy Is… is doing a 10 year and it’s not a tour or near me. If you could’ve seen my initial reaction, you would’ve thought I’d just won the lottery and then lost the ticket.

Mia Milan “I Won’t Cry”

MIKA “Good Guys”

Our Last Night “A World Divided”

Lady Low “You Say You Don’t Love Me”

Butterscotch “Cherish the Day”

The Bunny The Bear “It’s Not Always Cold in Buffalo”

In the Presence of Wolves “Storm in a Red Dress”

Football, etc. “Sweep”

MS MR “Painted”

Ivy Levan “Who Can You Trust”

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