Wrapped in the Covers: Foo Fighters “Learn to Fly”

Photo Credit: poppacap.tumblr.com
Photo Credit: poppacap.tumblr.com

There was no other song I could’ve done this week because today I’m getting on a plane and really hoping that this pilot has learned to fly and well. I looked at the weather and I’m leaving the sunny beauty of SoCal for actual east coast weather…NO. I’ve been a desert rat my whole life, so seasons aren’t for me. Why and how can it be in the 80’s but raining? A mystery I’ll soon see for myself. I’m nervous as fuck but my BFF has assured me that the bumps just feel like hitting a pothole and her boyfriend said flying is just like riding a bus, only in the air. It’s just an air bus, it’s just an air bus. So while I do my best not to piss myself on this flight, enjoy this week’s covers!

Austin Criswell

Ana Free

Aeron Visions

Matt Johnson

Juliana Hatfield


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