We Leave At Midnight: Terror Flora

terror-flora-we-leave-at-midnight-reviewCorrect me if I’m wrong, but it seems like every family has at least one hippy in the bunch. For me, it’s my aunt Lisa. When I was younger her room was adorned in black light posters, most of which featured Paul, Ringo and the rest of the crew. She’s always been my free loving relative and when We Leave At Midnight’s Terror Flora started – she’s the first person who came to mind because this record is all about that Coachella, barefoot realness.

The concept behind “Everyone Laughs At Their Own Mistakes,” I loved. The song though, it was so infused with these otherworldly sounds, that it was hard to understand it fully in the long run. The same can be said of “Terror Flora.” While the lyrics escaped me, those shoeless beings dancing around to it, were imaged I could not shake. The interlude, “Priest Mouth,” was trippy; expected. Then by the time the last two came into play, I actually started to hear the words with more ease. “Run to the Ocean” was okay, but We Leave At Midnight ended strong with “Sink Your Teeth.”

If you’re the ‘60s inspired one of your family, then you’re going to want to hop on board the love bug and get into We Leave At Midnight. They’re for fans of The Flaming Lips and Wilco, because they have this acid wash sound that allows for a free range of interpretation. If that sounds like what you’re into, check out Terror Flora, out May 26 on Texas Is Funny.


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