Wrapped in the Covers: Mariah Carey “Always Be My Baby”

Photo Credit: Huffington Post
Photo Credit: Huffington Post

One of my first cassettes was Mariah Carey’s Daydream. It was the ‘90s, who wasn’t listening to her, right? I remember playing the hell out of it – but especially “Always Be My Baby.” Plus, the video instantly made you want a tire swing. Well this week was the first time I got to hear this one life and 8-year-old me freaked out. I was in line outside of Jimmy Kimmel and the second I heard them soundcheck it, I let out a little, “Ahh!” Now, if she had done “Heartbreaker,” I would’ve likely done a backflip – okay not really because I weigh too much and my neck would’ve been done.

My feeds are constantly overflowing with how great Britney is or how amazing Gaga is. Well, while they each have their good qualities – they will never be on the level Mariah is. When they have almost 20 #1 singles and are basically considered an artist of a decade, then they can try and step up to her but they’ll still fall short. Now I’m going to start collecting cans or something to be able to see her in Vegas because despite what some say – Mariah still has it.

Olivia Noelle

Lauren James

Zack Dyer

Jayy Perry

Alexa Yoshimoto feat. Joseph Vincent


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