Little Red Lung: Beware

little-red-lung-beware-reviewWelcome back from the weekend. I hope yours was as interesting as mine. Birthday celebrations and realizing that our local shelter has its own Puppy Bowl of some sort. Now it’s back to reality and I’m trying to get everything done because Mariah Carey is on Kimmel tonight and I got a golden ticket in. Well, a white piece of paper…To get back into the swing of things I’m listening to Little Red Lung’s Beware. The most interesting thing about this record is that you won’t have it this week, or even the next. The band has decided that they’ll be giving you a song a month and then releasing it all at the same time. While they’re building anticipation for you by being the love child of Florence and the Machine and Lana Del Rey, I’ve gotten the chance to hear the whole thing already…and I have some things to say…

The record opens with the title track. Instead of hiding “Beware” somewhere in the middle, here it is. It paints a haunting picture, as if they’d play it in a period piece that has a castle wrapped in fog as the backdrop. While that could be on the soundtrack of Game of Thrones,” other songs gave off a more modern feel. Songs like “Porcupine Street” with its bravado and the steady and ready to go pace of “Operate.” I was more intrigued by the music of every piece, with only the lyrics of “Dead Weight” sticking to me. Lastly, what’s good about this record being released one song at a time – Little Red Lung’s “Bad Blood” won’t be overshadowed by Taylor Swift’s cameo induced video that just dropped last night at the Billboard Music Awards.

We’re off to a good week with Little Red Lung’s Beware. It has this feminine fluidity that will resonate with fans of Florence and the Machine and Lana Del Rey just fine. So if those are two artists you can’t get enough of, it’s time to add another to the mix. Now here’s the hard part – you really have to keep tabs on this band and make sure you don’t miss a monthly release from here on out.

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