GML: Rain, Rain Go Away

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Dear people who live in cold weather – how? Being what my best friend’s dad calls a desert rat, rain is not something I’ve ever cared for. This is mostly because I walk and take the bus and the rain is horrendous when doing those. The bus smells like a wet dog and rude ass people think it’s okay to put their wet umbrellas on the seats. Yeah, no – that’s not okay. Thankfully the news said that it should clear up by this weekend. Just in time for one of my pals birthday celebrations. The Early November tomorrow night and Medieval Times Sunday afternoon! If you’ve never been to that place – GO. If I committed murder and had a last meal, theirs might be it. That or a Hawaiian style pizza from Chuck E. Cheese.

Speaking of, my mom texted me this morning that B.B. King passed away and how sad my dad’s going to be. Reading the words “passed away” and “dad” when your eyes are still adjusting are never a good thing by the way. Anyways, we’ve always made fun of the Blues legend in our family because my dad said he was such a great performer and then when I was about 10 or 11, he was on the Grammys and sat down the entire time singing something about “Rock me baby…” We were like, dad…this dude can’t stand. It’s been our running joke ever since. Nevertheless, I’ll call him later and say sorry for his loss because it made me think of the day that a Backstreet Boy will pass and I’ll be a mess. It’s weird how much we can attach ourselves with someone we’ve never known personally.

Next week Golden Mixtape is supposed to have an interview with Harbour – but they’re busy on tour. If they don’t get to it, I’ll do some magic and shifting and bring you another. Plus, an interesting review of LA’s Little Red Lung. They’re album is done but they’re releasing a song a month. OMG I almost forgot…On Monday I’m seeing Mariah Carey on Kimmel. This diva…last time she managed to do like three songs over a half hour because she changed every song. Ain’t nobody got time for that girl. Well, I hope I’m seeing her. She cancelled one of her recent Vegas shows…dammit Mariah, don’t leave us hanging!

Until next week, let’s get to the videos that managed to stick out from the crowd this time around!

For Esmé “You”

Courtney Barnett “Dead Fox”

Doug Locke “King”

White Like Fire “Crimson”

Typesetter “Sunday Best”

Smiling Disease “The Klingon Race”

Waterstrider “Frayed”

The Early November “Boxing Timelines”

Small Feet “Rivers”

Jeremy Loops feat. Motheo Moleko “Down South”



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