Wrapped in the Covers: Carrie Underwood “Jesus Take The Wheel”

Photo Credit: thebusinessweave.tumblr.com
Photo Credit: thebusinessweave.tumblr.com

This week it was announced that American Idol will come to an end next year after 15 seasons. It’s bittersweet because we’ve all watched it. I mean, most of us stopped years ago but nevertheless, everyone has an Idol they hold close to their heart. I know for me it’s season seven and Jason Castro. So many amazing memories are confined in that one, but that’s not the Idol I chose.

I wanted to do the first but I featured Kelly Clarkson recently, so I went with another who sings one of my favorite songs. Little Carrie Underwood is by far one of the most successful winners and it’s well deserved. Religious or not, you can’t deny this is a well sung track…So let’s get to this week’s covers, shall we?

Makayla Lynn

Emily Land

The Shures


Meghan Elizabeth K.

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