Killwave: Death By Distortion

killwave-death-by-distortion-reviewEveryone should have or have had a goth friend growing up. Even if it’s a phase you never felt fit yourself, it’s nice to have a goth or former in your life. Mine was in middle school after a friend went from Spice Girls to Coal Chamber over a summer. Because of her I was quick to recognize that Killwave’s Death By Distortion would’ve been in her CD collection back in the day. They have this ‘80s meets all black attire meets Transylvania sound that isn’t for me, but is for those who resemble a young Lydia Deetz.

Phoning in first was “The Calling.” In an instant, that’s where the ‘80s could be heard. That paired with “Shake” painted dark hued pictures in my head of goth clubs in warehouses on the outskirts of town. When it came to “Drive” and “Box,” that’s when I thought Dracula may be the lead singer of Killwave. Bloodsucking aside, for me nothing hit on a universal level until “Bad Boys.” This wasn’t because it was an ode to a Will Smith movie, but because it was the first time I felt the lyrics spoke louder than the music, the style or the whole overall vibe that the band displays strongly. Because of that, it’s the one I’d suggest people listen to first and then go through the remainder of the album.

Back in 8th grade my buddy would’ve likely wanted to play Killwave at our usual weekend sleepovers. I would’ve sat there waiting to put Backstreet Boys on while she lamented about how great a band they were. We were an odd pair of buds. Nevertheless, if you were or are the type with a love for the offbeat sounds music has to offer, then check out Death By Distortion, out now.

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