GML: Thank Your Wombs

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After a week of nothing, the maintenance was all done come Monday morning and I couldn’t have been happier to have this blog back up and running! It felt like an eternity, but all is well now. With things back to normal, I got back into the swing of things and delivered two interviews this week. Thanks to Blades of Grass for being so patient and waiting a week for theirs to go up. Plus, thanks to Emo Night for making Cartel present in my life. I wanted to do a whole other song for this week’s Wrapped in the Covers, but “Honestly” was played Tuesday night and it remained in my head throughout Wednesday.

Anyways, it’s Mother’s Day this weekend and I am heading two hours east towards hell to my hometown to hang with the woman who was nice enough to hold me in her body for nine months. Boyfriend is going with me because I think it’s only fair he meet my family before I fly across the country to meet his later this month. Plus, I’m meeting his entire family as we’re going for his sister’s wedding. A little intimidating, but hopefully it’ll all be just fine. I don’t know what I’m more nervous about, meeting all those people or getting on a plane. I’m still trying to con myself into believing it’s just an air bus. Repeat Kendra, it’s just an air bus.

Next week a review of Killwave’s new record, an interview from Owel and of course the usual. So before you call or see your mom this weekend and tell her you appreciate all she has and continues to do, check out these video picks for the week!

Hop Along “Powerful Man”

Living Room “Moonchaser”

DrawCard “We Are The Future”

Timberwolf “Whiskey Jar”

The Underground Railroad to Candyland “Yer Not The Only One”

Conner Stark “Trance”

Joe Hertler & The Rainbow Seekers “The Garden”

Seafair “Inferno”

The Secret Storm “In The Sun”

Round Eye “City Livin'”


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