Bobby Meader Puts the Sin in Singer-Songwriter

Photo Cred: Shayna Rain
Photo Cred: Shayna Rain

Las Vegas just had a huge weekend. They had one of the most anticipated boxing matches in history, that sadly fell flat. While those who bought into the hype are trying to recuperate, the rest of us can forget about all that and focus a real gem that shines in the city of sin; Bobby Meader. A singer-songwriter with a band by his side and a new record that fuses acoustic charm with a punk rock mentality. Get ready for a real knockout and get to know Bobby a whole lot more.

Kendra: Is Vegas the ideal place for someone to be a singer-songwriter, or are you looking to head a little further west or to the east?

Bobby Meader: I don’t know if any location is exactly a place to be a singer-songwriter. I mean, if anything, I would like to be in a city where there are no other solo acoustic guys and only bands so I stick out like a sore thumb, [laughs]. More noticeable that way. But there are some really badass singer-songwriters in Las Vegas, that’s for sure. Lots of open mics around town too that I used to play years back when I was starting. As for heading out west or east, I’ve done both a lot and I’ve seen some pretty cool music scenes that have become some of my favorites. My favorite sorts of scenes are always the ones with great hardcore or emo bands like OKC, Flagstaff or Fort Wayne and stuff. Some of my favorite places.

Kendra: What time of day is best for you in terms of writing Breakfast After Noon – were a lot written right when you woke up, or in the middle of the night when the rest of the world slept?

Bobby: [Laughs] no. I couldn’t write a song right when I woke up. My head would probably explode. Breakfast After Noon was just a depiction of my current life I suppose. I go to sleep really late and wake up really late, and most breakfast places close at 2 or 3pm and that really, really pisses me off.

Kendra: With a song like “Patty Mayonnaise…” I have to ask, are you more a Doug, Skeeter or Roger?

Bobby: Oh, definitely Doug. Skeeter is too neutral and goofy and Roger is just a stupid, insecure dick. Doug was always pretty nice and reasonable. I guess I just called myself nice and reasonable? I dunno if anyone else would agree though, [laughs].

Kendra: How many times have girls who like cheap wine caused you to write a song and how many of those have you ended up recording?

Bobby: 7; 3.

Kendra: When you finished Breakfast After Noon, how’d you feel? Relieved or nervous for what others were going to think?

Bobby: Honestly, the music is so sad and slow I wasn’t sure anyone was going to like it. But I didn’t really care ’cause I liked it. Me and Alex Higgins worked really, really hard on making those songs sound the way they did. It ruled.

Kendra: You had a show back in April. Any other plans for shows this year?

Bobby: Yeah, we go on tour, full band, July 1st!

Kendra: With today being Cinco de Mayo (that’s when this will be going up), if you had to make a mixtape for a big party today – what five songs would have to be on it?

Bobby: I’d probably play Into It. Over It. and Cloakroom songs so that all my friends can just get mad at me and turn on house music as they give me the same excuse that “it’s a party, dude.”

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