Blades of Grass: Psyching Out the Pop

blades-of-grass-interviewLast week this was ready to go, but as you know – technical difficulties prevailed. So let’s get started. Blades of Grass come to you straight from the land of massive amounts pretty faces trying to make it, designer dogs, and one too many diet fads. Los Angeles has its downs – as you can see, but for every negative is a positive and Blades of Grass happens to be just that. They’re a psych pop duo making their way through the cascade of indie bands hoping to be the next big thing at Coachella. With that said, let’s get to know them a bit more through Michael Hurst’s eyes…well, words…

Kendra: So you two were just sitting around in your bedroom one day and decided to start making music?

Michael Hurst: Sitting around in our bedroom? Where did you get such a crazy idea? It was months after we had put the bunk beds away that we started making music. We joined forces after meeting through mutual friends and we both had an interest in mystical topics and world music, as well as the pantheon of rock classics and jazz too.

Kendra: When did it go from something you did to fill time to something you wanted to actually do as far as make albums and play shows?

Michael: We’ve traveled a lot with acoustic instruments (guitars and drums), just to explore and meet/play with local musicians where we visit…this is highly recommended to any musicians looking for an adventure! Avignon to Morocco to Belize to Thailand and India, we’ve backpacked and met as many players as we can. Along the way we were writing our songs that were quite habit forming, so we’ve been on a journey to share them with others ever since.

Kendra: When it comes to rap music, things are very defined by their coasts. Is it the same with psych pop? I mean you say you do “West Coast Psych Pop,” so wanted to see you thoughts on that?

Michael: An acquaintance Jason Gross (from Perfect Sound Forever) described our sound that way – and who are we to argue with such a smart guy? On a side note: “East Coast Psych Pop” has a terrible ring to it, so we are very relieved that wasn’t the genre label bestowed upon us.

Kendra: Since She Was is a teaser for what’s to come – can we expect these songs to be on the later spring album or are they just a taste of what to expect?

Michael: We have about 5 songs in production currently, which will start trickling out in April and beyond…these days, it’s so hard to wait for an album to compile once we have finished a song, so we’re prone to doing singles and EPs. We occasionally upload demos for a bit and see what people have to say at our SoundCloud page.

Kendra: You two have played quite a bit around SoCal. When are you branching out and beyond?

Michael: We play and live in SoCal, but we have traveled the world with our guitars and write music in exotic locations. So in that sense, we have branched out. Our most recent gig was in San Luis Obispo, which is in Central California (and we’ve played up there a couple times) as well. But to answer your question – we’re just focused on playing in LA and SoCal for the immediate future. There’s so many exciting venues and events, I think we’ll be busy here for a while before branching out elsewhere (unless we get an offer we can’t refuse…)

Kendra: I saw you already had a “Driving Music” playlist on your SoundCloud, so we won’t go there. So if you had to make a mixtape for just relaxing in your bedroom, what five songs would have to be on it?

To wind down and think about the people you love and fill yourself with gratitude: Yusef Lateef “The Plum Blossom
As sleep (or trance) overcomes you, Miles pays you a visit to make you have a smooth transition: Miles Davis “Shhh Peaceful
In your deepest REM sleep, Alice Coltrane (with Pharoah Sanders) takes you to lands that you never could’ve believed existed: Alice Coltrane “Journey in Satchidananda
As time to get up approaches, you feel uplifted and hopeful with: Chuck Mangione “Feels So Good
All of those songs are instrumentals, so when it’s time to “get out there” and rock the world, it’s very important to listen to: David Lee Roth “Runnin’ With the Devil (a cappella)


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