Deaf Rhino: Dirt, Rust, Chaos

deaf-rhino-deaf-rust-chaos-reviewIt’s been a week since we’ve last spoken and I missed you. You really don’t know how much a little blog means to you until you can’t post. Now that everything’s worked out – we have a year until we have to worry about that mess again. Until then, we’ll kick off this week with Deaf Rhino. Two weeks ago you might recall an interview with there here. Well now that you know the guys on a personal level, you can get to know their music. It’s definitely for fans of that rock and roll that has no other genre melted into it. Dirt, Rust, Chaos is void of alternative, pop punk and indie and is straight laced rock.

While the words are hard to make out in “Ghosts,” the music is on point. Their way with sound is really what stood out throughout. Whether it was in “Infinity” or the best of the pack, “Hey You,” the arrangement was killer. Now some other points…”Hey You” (so nice, had to mention it twice) and “Love Don’t Matter To Me” are songs that I wouldn’t necessarily compare to Incubus, but rather would say they’d be on tour with. I’ve seen Brandon Boyd and Co. a handful of times and I could see Deaf Rhino opening up for them in an arena setting. Some low points though, I wanted more dance from “The Dance of You.” Wait, is there dancing in rock and roll?

It feels good to be back and even better to bring you some new music to attach yourselves to. If you’ve been spinning bands like Royal Blood, then Deaf Rhino is the next band on your “check out ASAP” list. So don’t waste anymore time and get your hands on Dirt, Rust, Chaos – out May 5.


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