Mpathy: The Golden Boy

mpathy-the-golden-boy-reviewWhen Mpathy was introduced to me, it sounds like we met at a party instead on through an email, I thought he was going to be full of beeps, whistles and sounds that are still foreign to me. Electronic music, while I’ve reviewed it some over the years, is still strange to me. However, when it came to Mpathy, I heard a hint of it, but overall felt like he was serving up pop music that sits on the brink of the ‘80s.

When “The Song” started, I was taken aback. Where was that bass drop I’ve come to expect from electronic? Instead there were lyrics to listen to and a man with something to actually say. Speaking of, “Unemployment” was the most relatable track – maybe just for me – but still. It’s not a topic that’s taken on in music all the time and someone like me appreciates this. I’ve been applying for work since college ended in 2009. Lead single “The Golden Boy” was the one that definitely sent my thoughts towards the decade of Madonna and MTV’s start. Never fear though, “Dangerous Love” had that signature electronic sound heard in tracks put out by Zedd and Co.

If you’re a fan of music that would be considered pop based with electronic waves, check out Mpathy. He creates music that’s not only a blend but has interesting lyrics to attach to.


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