GML: Blow Dem Bitches Out

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It’s the eve of my 28th birthday and I’m sitting here making so many faces watching Botched. Most of them are caused by the man who has spent some $200k to look like a little plastic doll. He’s creeping me out, but I can’t seem to change the channel. Now there’s a lady who wants to look like a blowup doll…It’s terrifying that people like this exist, but at the same time – they make for amazingly horrible, addicting TV. This just makes me miss My Strange Addiction and whatnot.

This week on Golden Mixtape there was the usual with some Country tossed in due to Stagecoach being this weekend. Next time around a couple of reviews and a Blades of Grass interview that’s been in the waiting room for some time and is eager to get out and be seen. We’ll also take a look at the must-see shows in May. Also, I want to note that there were so many great videos this week that it was hard to get this list down to 10 for this week’s round up.

Oh yes, my birthday…it’s kind of daunting to be two years away from 30. I’m a little less scared than I was last year, but still…if pop culture has taught us anything, it’s that the big 3-0 is the year that shit gets real. BUT it’s two years away so not to worry too much in the present, and just get to my birthday shindig at Dave & Busters this weekend. I’ve never been, so here’s to exploring this grown up Chuck E. Cheese. I’m sure its pizza isn’t as good. No one can beat that place…great, now I want some pizza. Well, until next week!

Cinema 6 “Cough Syrup”

Shattered Sun “Hope Within Hatred”

The Poodles “The Greatest”

Ben Frost “Rare Decay”

Public Access T.V. “Metropolis”

Operators “True”

Moaning “The Same”

Automagik “Pop Kiss”

Tired Lion “I Don’t Think You Like Me”

Instant Empire “Dead Air”

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