Deaf Rhino: From Voodoo to Keggers

deaf-rhino-interview-golden-mixtapeAny holiday that has been transformed into an excuse to drink is one that Americans take very seriously, but before you head out for a cocktail – don’t forget to check out the new album from Deaf Rhino that drops that day. Okay, it’s kind of rude to just order you to do something without giving you a reason. Forgive me and note that this is a band that takes the idea of rock and roll to a new level with their live shows that they’ve managed to recreate for Dust, Rust, Chaos.

If you need to get to know them a bit more before you decide, then see what their own Adam Schlett as he opens up about what he’s proud of, regrets and plans for the rest of 2015 – sort of.

Kendra: First off, if you had a dollar for every time you’ve heard someone say, “Who the fuck are these guys?….That was fucking awesome!” how much would you have right now?

Adam Schlett: “100 Billion Dollars” – Dr. Evil

Kendra: Now that we’ve found out you’re billionaires (my attempt to make laughs through text), let’s talk about the music. I’ve always wondered when people start bands – how do they settle on a sound. You’re a rock band but never let up on the so called sexy elements. Did all that come natural or did you all play around a bit before your style became your own?

Adam: We’ve been under the radar for a few years as a real local band which was nice to help us refine what we do musically before we introduced ourselves to the world. We’ve always played from a place of loud heavy guitars, groovy drums and bass and passionate lyrics. We love good songs as opposed to just sounds, mixing our unique blend of sounds with good songs that we really love is what we think sets this record apart.

Kendra: Now it’s all accumulated on this debut, Dirt, Rust, Chaos. How proud were you when it was all said and done?

Adam: Personally this is the first record I’ve made (with Deaf Rhino or any other group) that start to finish I’m really proud of. We want to get after it with touring full time nationally and we think this record is going help us do that.

Kendra: Did you have any last minute regrets – Like, oh man we should’ve added more drums there, or that verse here?

Adam: The record sounds like us performing which is something I like. We’re human and imperfect, that aesthetic is not common on most major studio records out today. As far as composition goes and performance I think it sounds exactly like its supposed to….the dopest…

Kendra: You’ve been going about four years now. What’s the drive that keeps you all making music and doing shows?

Adam: The need to make music and play shows. It’s who we are and what we do regardless of the scale its on.

Kendra: Speaking of, what’s the show situation looking like for you all for the rest of the year?

Adam: We are a north east band right now as we focus on releasing the record and getting it played nationally. We have some voodoo magic in the works for Fall/Winter 2015 going into 2016 but we’ll cross that bridge next time we chat.

Kendra: Also on that note – you don’t have to name names but have you ever played a show or shows with a band that were just divas all around, and if so – how’d you handle it?

Adam: Surprisingly it’s usually the bands that suck (yes some bands do suck) that are the biggest divas. Most of the really talented acts we play with now are hard working and appreciate where they are at either regionally or nationally.

Kendra: If you had to make a mixtape for a killer keg party, what five songs would have to be on it?

Adam: We grew up in a big drinking town and have thrown our fair share of ragers in our day, we wanted to let everyone in the band pick a tune to see how well we all still party together.

Adam’s Pick:Black Betty” – Ram Jam
Bobby’s Pick:N 2 gether Now” – Limp Bizkit
Tommy’s Pick:I’ll Tumble 4 Ya” – Culture Club
Jack’s Pick:40 Oz To Freedom” – Sublime
Deaf Rhino as a whole:Use Me” – Bill Withers


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