Gaunt Story: Nothing Holds You Like A Song

gaunt-story-nothing-holds-you-like-a-song-reviewOne thing’s for sure, gloomy weather is not my favorite but this morning – there it was. It’s been hotter than Magic Mike screen in LA recently, so it was a surprise to walk home in a chill, but the grayscale was fitting for what was waiting for me at home. After laundry was in, I settled down with Gaunt Story’s Nothing Holds You Like A Song and felt like it was the reason the valley had clouds instead of shine, for it’s a record with very little cheer.

Overall it felt like the man behind the words had felt a lot of pain in his days. That’s how it was right off the bat with “My Son, The Liar.” It’s clear this singer-songwriter has a way with words as you’re enthralled with the stories behind “Forest Of The Lost” and the title track, which was just haunting. It’s rare that I favor the end of the record more than the beginning, but this is one of those cases. “More Woman” was nice, while “November Flows” was unlike the rest and had a happier intro, and “Dreams Of Man” was the perfect cherry on top as the closer.

The sun is starting to peak out and my time with Gaunt Story has come to an end. Those who like their music with some emotion and despair, check out this one. Nothing Holds You Like A Song is out April 27th on Leise Laute Records.


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