GML: Finish Him!

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Everyone was going insane over the new Star Wars trailer, while I was watching Joe Dirt 2’s. People underestimate how trailer trash I am. Then they see that I did grow up in a shitty town in a double wide and they’re like – oh…It was a pretty boring week this time around. I got a data entry gig that lasted a week and I made a whopping $25. It was pretty easy, all I had to do was write out almost 1,500 hip hop tracks/albums and then listen to each track and jot down what “mood” it had. I realized that when it comes to hip hop – I know nothing. I would’ve never guessed Fabolous was still working and that a lot of rappers aren’t that badass. A lot of the songs are really laid back. One thing remains the same though, Lil Wayne is annoying.

Other than that…I found this freelance site that has a shit ton of work. The only problem is that it takes so many steps to get your profile approved. Stupid little things like having to have a picture that looks like a passport. I had to guess that meant like an ID because I’ve never gone anywhere. Hopefully that’s approved today, and I can pick up some of those gigs because they pay pretty good. In the mean time I’ve been on Craigslist like crazy and I lost hope that I got the job to assist a wedding planner. That one would’ve been stellar.

Musically Grayscale put out a great record this week and I chatted to Valaska, and Drake cover’s made me squeal. Next time around I’ll have some words with Deaf Rhino and maybe a couple reviews. We’ll see how much Madden my boyfriend wants to play this weekend – which means me sitting and writing because it’s absolutely the most boring thing to watch people play video games – unless it’s Pikman. Then it’s like watching a cartoon. Oh! I did get to play the new Mortal Kombat and I haven’t played that shit since I was in middle school, and I won my first match…Then I proceeded to lose everything after.

Now for this week’s video round-up!

Young Buffalo “My Place”

Ivadell “Flickering”

Monarchy “Fractured World”

Desaparecidos “City on the Hill”

Whitewash “Tentacle”

Snow Angel “We Are Stars”

Audio District “Run Through The Streets”

Valaska “Fair to Say”

Dayseeker “The Earth Will Turn”

Looper “Oh, Skinny Legs”

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