Top 10 Thursday: April Album Releases

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If you’re one of those people who actually still buy records, there are quite a bit out this month. From the addictive pop rock of All Time Low to a dude who looks like he could’ve very well been in that band, Shawn Mendes. Here are 10 albums to check out this month.

4/7 All Time Low: Future Hearts


4/7 Long Knives: This Is Your Life


4/7 Break Anchor: In a Van Down by the River

break anchor

4/7 Secrets: Renditions


4/21 Alesana: Confessions

Alesana - Confessions

4/21 Passion Pit: Kindred

Passion Pit - Kindred

4/27 Blur: The Magic Whip

Blur - The Magic Whip

4/21 The Midwestern Charm: Growing Pains

The Midwestern Charm - Growing Pains

4/21 10 Years: From Birth to Burial

10 Years - From Birth to Burial

4/28 Shawn Mendes: Handwritten

Shawn Mendes - Handwritten


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