Grayscale: Change

grayscale-change-reviewThe weekend is over and not it’s another five days of churning out previews for an unorganized editor, doing data entry for less than what Scientologist slaves make and waiting for Friday to roll back around. In between then and now I’m going to put down some words about a nice little pop rock record that came through, Grayscale’s Change. It wasn’t the greatest thing I’d ever heard, nor was it the worst. It just settled somewhere in the middle with its Cartel like songs about not ending up like your parents and a cover that has me wondering – were the Barenaked Ladies that cool?

The title track and “Say Something” were kind of playing on the same field for me. Starting out with “Change” and giving us a sort of mid-tempo, heartfelt song was good, but then the same came from “Say Something” and you had to assume the rest was going to play more or less the same. That thankfully wasn’t the case with “Bloom.” It came and brought some much needed grit. What I will say is that the lyrics were very well written. You can hear elements that are common in this genre, but they managed to create their own versions of situations without being cliche. With all that, we ended this ride with a cover of Barenaked Ladies’ “The Old Apartment.” If this had been “One Week” or that song that has the video with the diner, I would’ve known right away, but I did have to look up the original. It was definitely a bold choice but it paid off. Know one would likely know it was even a cover because – 1. I don’t think that was a huge hit for Ladies and 2. I don’t think anyone under 25 knows who that band is.

It’s still early out west, meaning Monday is still a burden I’m dealing with. To ease that, maybe I’ll give “Bloom” another spin and drown out the sounds of the cars flooding the 405 right outside. Nevertheless, if you’re a fan of bands like The Starting Line or like I said earlier, Cartel – then check out Grayscale’s Change, out April 14 on Anchor Eighty Four.


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