GML: Powerline & Birthdays

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Once again the lady I write for is behind on getting me my next assignments – even though I gave her everything week’s in advance. So that means I was able to get ahead on everything else. It boggles my mind when all you have to do is write people’s names by assignments and she’s like “OMG IT’S SO HARD!” I guess she is running a whole site, managing multiple people and whatnot…but still. I manage to stay on top of 10 sites on a weekly basis…Maybe my calendar skills are just better.

Other than that, it was my brother’s 22nd birthday and also the 20th anniversary of A Goofy Movie this week! I wish I had that shit on DVD so I could’ve watched it. Maybe it’s on Netflix and I’ll be able to watch it this weekend. I’m finally starting to break the guys and they’re realizing that ’90s kids movies are something to revisit – always. Last weekend we watched House Arrest and can we all agree that Grover’s face was annoying as fuck?

On another note, everyone should be watching Lip Sync Battle on Spike and everyone should know that I’d like to be in some type of relationship with both John Krasinski and Emily Blunt. While they were faking it on TV, we had real artists here on Golden Mixtape. Check out the reviews, and interview with The Regal Peaches. Then stay tuned next week for Grayscale, Valaska, albums you need to check out in April and more! Now as always, check out some videos that caught my eye this week below.

Leprous “The Price”

Jameson Burt “Let It Pass”

Deez Nuts “What I Gotta Do”

Malpas “Under Her Sails”

Sundressed “The Dirt”

MaRLo feat. Christina Novelli “Hold It Together”

Joe Pug “Bright Beginnings”

Graham Czach “Fake It”

Metro Station “Gold”

Winter “Some Kind of Surprise”


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