The Regal Peaches: Pigeonholed Reservations

the-regal-peaches-interview-golden-mixtapeFirst of all, thank you to The Regal Peaches for not only taking the time to record this interview, but transcribe it as well. It’s much appreciated and good karma is heading your way. Other than the good fortune that’s about to rain down on them, they’re group of guys out in LA making music and wearing cubicle costumes.

Now before you head out and listen to their debut and check to see if they’re playing near you soon – if you’re in SoCal – make sure to get to know The Regal Peaches a bit more. Note, they’re a hilarious bunch with a lot to say.

Kendra: What was the initial conversation like when you all came together to start the band?

Kevin: I remember being at work and Chris coming into the back on his phone and being like “Hey, my buddy wants me to put a show together and I want to do something a little different. You want to throw something together?”

Derek: I think it was several ideas that fused into one thing. Trent and Chris were in a band with a girlfriend of mine at the time called You Silly Moon. I jammed with them occasionally, and when that ended, Trent and I decided it would be fun to continue playing music together. Outside of one of your shows at The Viper Room, Trent introduced me to Kevin and told me he has ALL THESE IDEAS for songs! I think Kevin just wanted a project at the time.

Kevin: Yeah! And I do remember us discussing pretty early that we didn’t want to be anything specific as a band; that we’d just let our individual characters define the sound naturally.

Chris: I think we all agreed to both bring two songs to work on, right?

Trent: Oh yeah! We still play some of those.

Kendra: Was there anyone that wasn’t too sure it was the right choice?

Chris: I had no reservations

Kevin: Yeah, no.

Derek: Well, ok…after the first couple practices, we hadn’t locked anything in yet, and I was bad at drums…all of us were bad at drums, and we just, like hadn’t synchronized at all yet as a band. For the first month we were terrible. I had never been in a band band before, so I had never gone through that period, and I just remember being like “Oh God…”

Kevin: It did sound like crap, but I could hear that everyone was trying to listen to everyone else, and everyone was completely unique. We learned how to write and communicate from learning how to fix those early songs.

Chris: And we were all very interested in gelling.

Kendra: If so, when did that feeling fade?

Derek: My reservations faded after our first good show. I don’t remember when that was…

Chris: Probably that weekend at Froggy’s Restaurant in Topanga Canyon.

Trent: Huh? That was the second show, and that was a horrible show.

Kevin: Yeah, but when we got there we had to fix the broken house PA with people having dinner all around us, we had just learned like 10 covers that week, I was reading chords out of a notebook…after that show the nerves faded and we were just laughing about it.

Kendra: In regards to some of your songs that stuck out to me…What’s the last thing you caught yourself standing in line for?

Chris: Food.

Kevin: Jury duty.

Derek: The train.

Trent: IKEA.

Derek: Did you guys get some new furniture?

Kevin: I got a new dresser. Very exciting. Saves me a lot of room for activities.

Kendra: Also, what’s the difference between a Chicago typewriter and an LA one?

Chris: You can kill someone with a Chicago Typewriter, an LA one will just get you a script.

Derek: That’s the slickest answer I’ve ever heard.

Kendra: You’re also known for switching instruments and going in and out of genres live. What’s that all about, hate to be pigeonholed?

Trent: It just comes out the way it comes out.

Chris: I think it comes from the fact that there’s four people all writing songs and all playing several instruments. The switching is based on who happens to play what when the song is written.

Derek: And we just listen to a lot of different kinds of music.

Chris: I shit in your pigeonhole.

Kevin: T-shirt idea!

Chris: With like a picture of… hmmm, wait maybe not.

Derek: You’re actually entertaining this shirt as a real idea!?

Chris: I want that shirt!

Kevin: Maybe just a pigeon on the shirt with the quote around it.

Derek: What if it was a physical hole in the shirt in the shape of a pigeon?

Kevin: Can you ever really have a physical hole?

Trent: Done. Thanks for the inspiration.

Kendra: Do you all happen to have any shows coming up this summer, later this year?

Chris: None scheduled yet, but we’re playing locally CONSTANTLY starting this month, and then forever.

Kendra: Usually you blame it on the weather, but you’re from beautiful California. If you had to make a mixtape about a perfect California day, what five songs would have to be on it?

The Regal Peaches:
Young-Hold Unlimited – “Soulful Strut
Beck – “Where It’s At
Cyndi Lauper – “Girls Just Want To Have Fun
Steely Dan – “Reelin’ In the Years
The Beach Boys – “Little Saint Nick


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