The Woodsmans Babe: The Woodsmans Babe

the-woodsmans-babe-reviewFollowing your dreams instead of walking the line that’s paved with assurance is what you have to do sometimes. Joe Lengson was part of a successful band, toured the world, wrote a book and was then offered a steady gig being a host on MTVu. He turned that down, left the band and decided to do his own thing. He went from thrashing to metal to making coffee shop sounds but it’s all good because it’s what he wants to do, not has to do and with that his self-titled debut under the moniker The Woodsmans Babe is almost here.

Fear seems to loom over “Brain Damage” as lyrics of a has-been stick out. All the while one would never have guessed the William Beckett like vocals coming through were once attached to a metal band. While Joe sounds great, almost pretty there and in “Paranoia,” they fall in the background of “Everywhere Always” as this one has more of a sing-talk, folk vibe to it. With that said, you can still hear that indie essence. He proves to be more than a set of pipes with the instrumental piece, “Gasoline Rainbow” as he ends with a lighter note on “Red or White.” In the end the star of this one has to be “Faded.” It was the complete package; well sung and orchestrated musically.

The Woodsmans Babe is a record for indie lovers. Those who like to do some deep thinking with music that fits the mood in the background. If you like bands like Bright Eyes and Deathcab For Cutie, make sure to give The Woodsmans Babe a chance. Joe’s debut drops April 14th on CI Records.


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