The Unravelling: “Revolt”

The-Unravelling-Revolt-ReviewThe idea of revolt and going against the grain is one of the many themes that music has always had going on. It’s as ever present as love and loss. It just sounds different depending on who’s singing about it. When it’s done in a pop song it’s light, punk makes it fast and The Unraveling have done it in a way that sounds like a scene from a lost Terminator movie. Their latest single “Revolt” has a very grand, post-apocalyptic essence about it.

That’s what you get musically, lyrically it’s very imaginative with lines like “Black smoke is crying foul” and “Fill your fists with sky” conjure up mental pictures in an instant. It’s heavy stuff, that’s food for thought to munch on in an entertaining way if you’re a fan of bands like Nine Inch Nails and Tool. Putting that big sounds with lyrics like that, you have a well orchestrated track that stands as strong as an oak.

If you’re a fan of progressive rock that has a larger than life style that could aid you when the world implodes on itself and we’re left in ruins, then The Unraveling is just the band for you. So check out their single, “Revolt,” now.


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