GML: Happy Bunny & Candy Weekend

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Happy Easter weekend to those who celebrate or those who will be eating the candy from younger family members’ baskets. I’m sad because this likely means the animal shelter we go to every Sunday will be closed. Sadly I think the rabbit I’ve mentally adopted won’t be there anyway because a man who looks like Uncle Phil from The Fresh Prince was there last week with his kids talking about taking them home.

Oh, update on last week’s whole ordeal with the temp agency – they told me to just go home because it’d be a waste to go through the process because I lack experience in an office setting. I thought those places helped you no matter what, guess not. Now I’m just applying to whatever comes up. Still no luck but me and my boyfriend were talking last night and I think I know what I want to do…We’ll see how that pans out.

Musically we had a couple reviews, an interview with a band that’d been featured on Glee, paid respect to Selena on the anniversary of her death, and showcased the best shows to check out in LA this month. Now today, as always, we’re looking at some videos that you may’ve missed this week. Come next week we’re going to have two more reviews, showcase some music my baby brother loves because it’s his birthday and give you a covers of a song I’ve had in my head all week – hopefully. I haven’t checked to see if that’s been one that people have flocked to yet on the YouTube. Until next time, here are those videos.

Iain Woods “Fiend”

Seryn “The Fire”

Champs “Vamala”

Dayneo “Love Gun”

Make The Girl Dance “YeYe (Ooh La La)”

Mew “Water Slides”

Basic Shapes “Shining Armor”

Liturgy “Quetzalcoatl”

Lindsey Cohen “Unhappy Ending”

Harvard of the South “All Our Ashes”


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