Wrapped in the Covers: Selena “Dreaming of You”

Photo Credit: rowlegend.tumblr.com
Photo Credit: rowlegend.tumblr.com

Sometimes these songs come to me instantly and sometimes they don’t. This week I decided to go on Tumblr and the first artist I saw – that was going to be it. Selena was it. It was a post to note that it has been 20 years since she was gunned down by that psycho Yolanda. Now, I have to be honest – I had no clue who she was until Jennifer Lopez portrayed her in one of the best movies out there that you can’t help but watch every time it’s on. All that aside, you know what I discovered? This is a hard ass song to sing and do justice. I never thought about that until I was going through all these covers on YouTube and came across a lot of misses, but below are the handful of hits that’d make the late Selena smile.


Cristina Quinones

Johann Mendoza

Diane de Mesa

Krystle Cruz


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