The Rocketboys: Smiling with Glee from Left to Right

Photo Credit: Chad Zellner
Photo Credit: Chad Zellner

One of the coolest jobs in the entertainment business has to be the guy or gal who chooses the music for film and television – TV especially because that’s my number one love. Imagine being responsible for creating the mood with music when Olivia Pope does something badass, or back in the day when Rachel got off the plane. Well The Rocketboys scored with that guy or girl decided they were right for scenes in a huge MTV show and for a Fox show that recently took its final bow.

So you may’ve already heard The Rocketboys and not have even known. Possible? Yup, but now here’s your chance to get to know these Texan boys who just want to rock a little bit more. Like the fact that when they toss some back they’re usually  512 IPA or Real Ale’s Lost Gold, what they ate when they heard themselves on Glee, and so much more.

Kendra: Back in the day you’d hear bands forming in high school, but you and many others are waiting awhile. Why do you think more people are waiting until college age to start bands nowadays?

The Rocketboys: Well, I think honestly it’s not that people are waiting to start bands, it’s just that everybody’s high school band was so bad that they don’t want to bring it up. We were all in bands in high school, but I guess those just tend not to last.

Kendra: In all honesty, when you started – how far did you think you’d get? Did you ever think music you created would be on television?

The Rocketboys: When I was first getting started playing in bands, I always thought that it would be amazing to work with film and TV, but of course, I never dreamed it’d become a reality. When The Rocketboys first started, we were just some dudes writing songs and playing shows in a tiny town in West Texas. We didn’t really know what we were doing, or how we were supposed to do anything, we just kind of went with the flow and did what felt right. Our manager got us a song on 16 and Pregnant or something and we thought we’d conquered the world!

Kendra: Congrats by the way on your most recent TV appearance. Did you hold a viewing party when the episode of Glee with “Viva Voce” came out?

The Rocketboys: Haha, yeah, as a matter of fact we did. I was stuck at LAX at the time, but everybody else went to our keyboard player’s place and watched and ate “high school lunch style.” I think the menu that night was tater tots and veggie medley on styrofoam plates.

Kendra: As a whole, what show do you think Left | Right would be perfect for?

The Rocketboys: It’s really nice that so many shows that are coming out right now are making music such a big part of what they’re doing. It seems like so many shows are focusing on using super cool, unique music these days. One show that I think always has amazing music is The Blacklist, I’ve heard a ton of cool stuff there. I’d love to be featured on there. Also, The Walking Dead, when they use popular music it’s always amazing.

Kendra: How do you react when you hear people compare you to the likes of Coldplay and Arcade Fire?

The Rocketboys: Those are some of my favorite bands, so it’s always super flattering to be considered with them. They’ve both mastered the art of making big sounding, anthemic music. That’s something we’ve always tried to do as well.

Kendra: You all have played some 700 shows. What’s been your favorite so far?

The Rocketboys: Oh gosh, that’s a tough one. We’ve gotten to play some super awesome shows over the years. One memorable show is actually from back in our college years. We threw a huge Christmas show, and had a bunch of people playing with us, playing trumpets and extra drums and stuff. We stole this huge Christmas tree from our college library and put it on the stage, had people reading “Twas the Night Before Christmas” between songs, even had Santa Claus come out and dance around and throw candy at everybody, haha. That was a fun one for sure! We got to play Austin City Limits Music Festival a few years back and that was really cool. Really any time there’s a good energy in the crowd is great!

Kendra: If you had to make a “Bigger in Texas” mixtape, what five songs would have to be on it?

The Rocketboys:
Find The Light” – David Ramirez
You, Me, & the Boatman (Truth Is, I’ve Been Thirsty My Whole Life)” – Quiet Company
Frozen Planet” – Pompeii
Gimme A Reason” – Good Field
Digging For Icicles” – Bob Schneider


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