Gone By Friday: Quarter Life Crisis

gone-by-friday-quarter-life-crisis-reviewIt’s always funny when a record comes through at a time when it just needs to be in your life. While I wasn’t so big on the sound of Gone By Friday – it was a little too raw, too Sum-41 for me at times – I absolutely loved the lyrics. Almost 30 and still finding myself attaching to words about being a loser. Only instead of being one because of a lack of party invites, it’s being one due to sucking at this thing called life. That’s what Quarter Life Crisis is all about.

If you’re a fan of that pop punk that’s more like New Found Glory’s Nothing Gold Can Stay, then this is record for you – soundwise. It’s not perfect by any means, but that’s where the punk mentality comes in. Enough about that because that’s not what I liked at all. For me, it was all about the lyrics. “The Hadean’s” “I’m a wreck but I’m not done yet” and wasting time in “Poison Jam.” Those are words that stick out to me, especially after a temp agency basically said I was a waste of their time due to a lack of office experience last week. It wasn’t all pitch imperfect though. There was some sweet to this record with “600 Miles.” It started off making you think it was a full on acoustic gem, and while it sped up a bit – it was still something different that broke up the record in the middle of things. Sadly though “Say My Name” is not their rendition of a Destiny’s Child classic, but they end strong as hell with “The Story So Forgotten.” It’s one of those songs that you know will make for a great live sing-along.

While it wasn’t my cup of tea musically, it was a great listening experience nevertheless thanks to lyrics that aided me as I’m not feeling too hot in the job part of life. I mean, I’m happy blogging but it sucks when the outside world views you as a loser for it. It gets to you, but you have to remember to be like Taylor, shake it off and move on. Singing along to Gone By Friday helps with that. So if you’re a fan of pop punk and need something to help because you’re feeling low, check out Quarter Life Crisis, out March 31.


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