GML: Where’s the AC? Not Aaron Carter…

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So glad it’s Friday, but I have to make this quick because I have to go to a temp agency and see what that’s all about. I actually think I’d like temping because I’m not a fan of people and get-to-know-you situations. I can write about myself all day – talking on the other hand…no. We’ll see how this interview goes at this place. Let’s not forget I’m a job interview terrorist, so if I blow a temp agency interview, I will officially be convinced that I’m completely hopeless. My biggest fear is that they’ll say I have no real skills and it would be easier to place a person in a coma who just lost all their limbs. Like, really? I’m that useless?

While I dread the outcome of this interview, I have unwritten assignments on the brain. They would’ve been done yesterday but it’s hotter than hell in SoCal and I had to walk to do my taxes yesterday; 40 minutes there, 40 minutes back. I was dead when I got back and just sat in a puddle of sweat. Luckily I didn’t owe too much…

What else, we had an okay week here on Golden Mixtape, but it could’ve been better. I’m still amazed when bands don’t have Twitter. Note to bands and artists – make sure you have socials. They are so important today. They may not be tomorrow, but you definitely need them right now to get your music out there. Plus, we blogs love to share and when we can’t tag you – it’s lame. Next week it’s the same thing as usual. Only there’ll be two reviews kicking things off. Oh, if you’re an artist reading this and have an album dropping in April – let me know – I’m making a list of records to check out and maybe you can make the cut!

Until next time, here are 10 videos that caught my eye in the past seven days that I think you should check out.

KNTRLR “The Great Filter”

Shift K3Y “Name & Number”

Polarheart “Hypnotise”

They Might Be Giants “Underwater Woman”

SOKO feat. Ariel Pink “Lovetrap”

Superheaven “I’ve Been Bored”

White Like Fire “You Gave Up On Me”

Gallows “Mystic Death”

Strange Names “Ricochet”

AMFMS “Teenage Fight Song”


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