Top 10 Thursday: Artists to See at Coachella

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There was a time when I’d go to anything. That time was college, and that anything was Coachella. Yes, I went once and it was only because I really wanted to see Jack’s Mannequin and my BFF wanted to see Red Hot Chili Peppers and Bjork. We braved not only the horrendous traffic, but the heat and came out alive. Years later, you’d never find me there for a number of reasons – the main one not even being that it’s WAY too expensive, but because I don’t really care to stand outside with that many people to see bands I’m not that into. BUT because it’s right around the corner, I thought I’d give you my top 10 must-see when it comes to those two weekends in April AKA Coachella.

10. Alabama Shakes

alabama shakesI just think their singer is cool…

9. Azaelia Banks

banksYou have to love someone who bad mouthed America…who’s from America…in Playboy.

8. Panda Bear

panda bearI’m holding out hope it’s a legit panda.

7. Jack White

jack whiteMaybe that odd chick will come and surprise everyone and they’ll just be The White Stripes.

6. Touche Amore

touche amoreHow’d they get on this bill…

5. Radkey

radkeyYou have to see these rockin’ little guys!

4. Jenny Lewis

jenny lewisShe used to be in a band with someone from Boy Meets World – reason enough.

3. Kimbra

kimbraRemember that Goyte song? Yeah, I barely did either…but she sang the part you are now singing in your head.

2. Ryan Hemsworth

ryan hemsworthIs this a lost Hemsworth brother?!

1. Jimmy Brooks

drakeThat bitch Ashley didn’t mess up his chance! He learned to walk again and he made it!


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