More Than Skies: More Than Skies

more-than-skies-self-titled-reviewHostage to the UPS man today. Why do they and cable people give you such a large window for when they’ll show up? I won’t be going for my walk but I have to write stupid lists today (not fun top 10, but lengthy ones that take too long). Before all that goes down, I had the pleasure and experience of taking in More Than Skies’ self-titled. It was different. You know, that’s what you say when you really want to say it’s a bit odd. While it started off – different – it did get better.

My mind wandered to a one-hit wonder when “A Sunday Afternoon Epilepsy” began. Vocally I couldn’t help but be reminded of Shawn Mullins’ “Lullaby.” Then we got into something that was a bit too indie and hipster for my taste with “Euphoria.” Note, that More Than Skies has a lot of tracks, so this is just a sample of what to expect. There are 24 tracks to be exact and by the time “White Pine Way” rolled around I was happy with the album. It was fun and upbeat compared to where things started and then while “New Year’s Retribution” was pretty, it was a bit long. That mentality comes from my days working in radio promotion – that’d song would never work in the mainstream aspect – radio was made for most of us with ADD.

The UPS man still hasn’t arrived but he has until five and I’m sure he’ll knock at 4:59pm. While I wait, I want you to check out More Than Skies if you like indie music that has a very eccentric feel to it. More Than Skies is out March 24th, so check it very soon *cough* tomorrow *cough.*


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