GML: Going on an Adventure!

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Usually I write these Friday morning as I sit down with a nice hot bowl of oatmeal, but my mom made me feel like shit Thursday afternoon and I failed to concentrate the rest of the day. So I cleaned heavily and then headed to my “office” AKA McDonald’s to finish the rest of the day’s work. I got done within an hour and a half so I got a jump start on this. Simple as that.

Other than revisiting some elementary school feelings, this week had St. Patrick’s Day – which has lost any sense of importance since leaving school. Unless you’re into drinking, then by all means this was your holiday wasn’t it? It was also my roommates birthday – so shout out to her for turning 35. She’s not really 35…Oh what else? I bought my first plane ticket!

Yes, I’m almost 30 and going on a plane for the first time this year. Hey, my family wasn’t rich and I didn’t have anything to spare in college when you’re supposed to travel abroad and go on some magical Spring Break trip. Which, I was thinking about the other day because of Wendy Williams. I wish I could’ve done one of those. I also wish I could’ve had the body of Rihanna to do so. With the body I had then and even the one I have now, I think I’d be “going wild” in a shirt and shorts the whole time anyway…But nevertheless, I’m scared shitless to go on a plane and am more scared my head will burst from the altitude than I am of it crashing. Please play “Ironic” at my funeral if I die on this ride, no matter how I go. Also play “Friends in Low Places” and sit me up in my casket when you do so.

Musically this week we had a throwback with The Bunny Hop,” a great marital interview with The Division Men, pitch perfect covers, an ’80s mix and videos below that of course are all over the place when it comes to genres because I have to pull from everywhere and give you a variety pack to play with. Next week I have no clue what the cover or top 10 will be, but I do know who I’ll be interviewing and reviewing, so stay tuned!

The Zoltars “16-17-18 Living”

Hands Like Houses ” I Am”

Generationals “Charlemagne”

Retox “Die In Your Own Cathedral”

Monarchy “Black Widow”

Prinze George “Upswing”

The Offspring “Coming For You”

So Stressed “Merv King & The Phantoms”

Teenage Bottlerocket “They Call Me Steve”

The Traveling Suitcase “Off The Ground”



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