GML: Truth of My Youth

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Another week down, congrats if you made and it and well…if you didn’t, you’re dead and shouldn’t be reading this. If you are…creepy…Anyways, this week I went and made an appointment to do my taxes. I’m really hoping my math wasn’t on point and that I won’t owe too much. It was fine when I owed a lot due to winning that huge Macy’s gift card – but I don’t have anything to auction off on eBay this time around to help out. Hmm, what else…I sent away to renew my MediCal and I hope I didn’t screw up that paperwork. It’s likely I did, but we’ll see.

Last week I went in for an interview at a TV network and well I found out I didn’t get it. I wasn’t surprised because I have a track record for blowing 99% of the interviews I’ve been on. I’m better through email than in person. MTV Geek – got with an email. Perez Hilton – totally blew that one in person. It’s not that I don’t know how to write, it’s just that when you put me in the position to speak in person…It’s like I’ve never had human contact and I guess I freak? Sometimes I think I do okay and then I don’t get it and I’m like, well…guess I was wrong about that. I’m trying not to let that get me down as I continue to look for more opportunities. There’s this women’s shelter hiring and I’d love to work there but looking at my resume – I’m the worst candidate, but I’m going to apply anyways just to see what happens because you never know. I’m also happy to know there’s a women’s shelter close that I can take all these old clothes to. I’ve been meaning to take them downtown.

Musically it’s New Found Glory tonight and I still have yet to learn anything off that last record they dropped. Mostly because I changed laptops and being computer dumb, I have yet to put music on the newer one. Whatever, as long as “Truth of My Youth” is still on the setlist, I’m good. What else…I’m pretty proud to have interviews for Golden Mixtape lined up throughout the end of April. I may not have a grasp on life but when it comes to organizing this little blog, I am a master.

As always, I have 10 videos that caught my attention this week below, so check them out and enjoy!

PennyStocks “Bleed Out”

Peter Bibby “Goodbye Johnny”

Kathryn Calder “Take a Little Time”

The Suicide Of Western Culture “Still Breathing But Already Dead”

Maybeshewill “Sanctuary”

Lion in the Mane “Waiting”

DEEZ NUTS “Face This On My Own”

Sweet John Bloom “Blood Moon”

Other Lives “Reconfiguration”

Humans “Tell Me”


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