Choke Up: Black Coffee, Bad Habits

choke-up-black-coffee-bad-habits-reviewLast weekend I sat in a room that was not my own, salty drops escaping as low self esteem got the best of me. I managed to bury myself in writing a bit before I laid down and quit. Before that I was able to listen, really listen to Choke Up’s Black Coffee, Bad Habits and connect to music gracing these reviews for the first time in a long time. I’m sure if I listened today, I’d enjoy it just the same but like that one band says, I’m not sad anymore so who knows if it’d have the same effect. Nevertheless, it was a great record to be bummed with.

Any record that starts out strong in the lyric department, I’m a fan of. Thankfully that was the case due to “Wildflower.” Musically, the chaos found in “Don’t Wake Up” was top notch, and the wedding bells of “1301 Las Vegas Blvd.” were an interesting take. I just had to Google Map that address. I was a little scared of what would pop up with I clicked “street view.” Hey, Vegas is a weird place. All in all, I loved when things were a bit more abrupt like the gang vocals in “Thicket and Vine,” but definitely appreciated the slowed down pace at the end with “Polka Dots” and “Dry Out.”

You don’t have to be an emotional mess to mess with this well thought out punks from Boston. I just so happened to be when I first laid ears upon them. I would say though that fans of Small Brown Bike and Captain, We’re Sinking are more likely to be in tune with them though. If you’re a mess or fans of those bands, make sure to check out Choke Up’s Black Coffee, Bad Habits, out now on Black Numbers.


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