GML: Gearing Up for Love

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This is the second time in my life I’ve had a Valentine. This is the first time I’ve actually cared about the Valentine. I’m excited to start the weekend in a few hours. We’ll be heading out to see The Goonies and Pee-Wee tonight at LACMA. Because you’re not wondering, I’ll be wearing a Mikey inspired outfit because if I was 8 in the ’80s, he would’ve been my love. Then tomorrow we’ll feast on BBQ and California Donuts. No costumes for tomorrow’s ensemble. So what else happened in the past week? Oh yeah, the Grammys. I sadly didn’t get to see them because I was at my boyfriend’s and we watched Dear Black People instead – not that great of a movie until the last 20-30 minutes. I will say that I’m not sure why people are celebrating Sia…it was the same performance she’s been doing for over a year, but with the great Wiig on top of that child. Also, Sam Smith – I’m not a fan and don’t get it.

Anyways, GML is stocked full of great videos – as always and I will say The Menzingers get a special shout out because I’ll be seeing them at the end of the month with Taking Back Sunday. Also, Mircowave…are we running out of band names? Golden Mixtape had a lot of girl power this week when it came to reviews and interviews. Next week it’s a bit of a boys club with an emo interview and hopefully two reviews. Until next week, let’s check out this week’s videos!

Cayetana “Scott Get The Van, I’m Moving”

KIT “No Mercy”

Retox “Without Money, We’d All Be Rich”

Little Earthquake “I Am Alive”

The Menzingers “Where Your Heartache Exists”

Light Years “My Whole Life”

Line & Circle “Mesolithic”

Act As If “Uh Huh”

The Score “Oh My Love”

Microwave “Stovall”


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