Light You Up: Puts Their Domination Plan Into Action

light-you-up-interview-golden-mixtapeYou have to kick the year off right and what better way for a band to do so than with an awesome tour already lined up and a new album in January? Light You Up sure knows how to put their plan to dominate into action. Months ago they announced they’d not only be dropping their debut, All We’ve Ever Known come January 26, 2015, but also that just a couple months after that they’d be opening up for a little band some may know…Four Year Strong. This UK pop punk outlet is just getting started and before all their excitement of 2015 gets underway, let’s get to know them a little bit better thanks to Light You Up’s own Drew Masters.

Kendra: What are you guys doing to prep for the release of your debut, All We’ve Ever Known?

Drew Masters: We’ve been busy shooting a couple of music videos, and generally making sure everything is in place for the release. And trying to spread the word!

Kendra: Some albums are good for breakups, some are good to cope with growing up. What’s your guys record perfect for, in your opinion?

Drew: I’d probably say our record is good to cope with growing up, and to cope with change, as that’s what we were experiencing when we wrote it.

Kendra: Musically, what are the band’s goals for 2015?

Drew: To keep writing and learning really, and to enjoy it.

Kendra: Come March you’re heading out with Four Year Strong, Hit The Lights and Forever Came Calling. Is this your first time out with all these guys? Any jitters because of that?

Drew: We’ve known the Four Year guys for a while now, and they’ve been great to us. We also played a couple festival shows with Hit The Lights last year and they’re great dudes, but it’ll be first time meeting Forever Came Calling. We’re pumped to be touring with such great bands.

Kendra: Do you think you’ll have a hometown advantage over those guys when you play?

Drew: We just go out and do our thing and don’t really worry about stuff like that.

Kendra: How do you all plan to leave your mark on the crowds every night?

Drew: We’re a pretty energetic live band, and our singer Tom is usually crowd surfing or hanging from the lighting, so hopefully that’ll help us leave our mark.

Kendra: Being another notch in the pop punk scene, where do you think that genre is heading in the coming year?

Drew: It’s great to see a bunch of hard working young rock bands getting good tours and good exposure, and I can only see that continuing to grow in 2015.

Kendra: If you had to make a mixtape to give your upcoming tourmates, what five songs would have to be on it?

Pvris – “St. Patrick
Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars – “Uptown Funk
Lower Than Atlantis – “Here We Go
Zac Brown Band – “Toes
Acceptance – “Take Cover



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