Top Albums of 2014: Gold, Silver and Bronze Goes To…

top-albums-of-2014-golden-mixtapeLike usual, taking lines I used once before to break down why I regard these as the best albums of 2014.

3. The Bunny The Bear: Acoustic EP

top-albums-of-2014-the-bunny-the-bear-acoustic-ep“…showing off their softer musicianship and vocals…won’t find a dance party…golden child…”

2. Sledding With Tigers: A Necessary Bummer

top-albums-of-2014-sledding-with-tigers-a-necessary-bummer“…folk yet punkish…self image is something that’s not talked about in this light too often…just plain adorable.”

1. We Are The In Crowd: Weird Kids

top-albums-of-2014-we-are-the-in-crowd-weird-kids“…full of lines their fans will have to hold off getting permanently inked…didn’t disappoint with this one and their place atop anticipated lists is well deserved.”


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