Top Movies of 2014: Emotional Trees

top-movies-2014I rarely go to the movies but when I do I hope to the money gods that it’s worth it. I only had a few misses that weren’t worth the ticket but here are five that I’d gladly pay for again.

5. 22 Jump Street

top-movies-2014-22-jump-street99% of people on earth doubted the first one and 100% of those people were wrong. Then we sat and wondered if they could do it again. Somehow they managed to create magic again. What made it work though was the fact that they made fun of the idea of a sequel the whole time. Plus, every time Jonah did the morning walk of shame – amazing.

4. Guardians of the Galaxy

top-movies-2014-guardians-of-the-galaxyWell, duh…I never knew I’d cry over a fucking tree.

3. The Boxtrolls

top-movies-2014-the-boxtrollsIf you missed this one in theaters, I beg you to check it out as soon as it’s on DVD or in the RedBox. Such an endearing story told on a beautiful landscape.

2. The Skeleton Twins

top-movies-2014-the-skeleton-twinsYou can’t take two of my favorite people and put them in a movie and expect me not to fall head over heels for it. What I loved about this was that they mixed humor and heart to create a reality based movie about suicide and all the different sides of it. Bottom line – we’re all screaming for help, it’s just a matter if anyone really hears it.

1. The Lego Movie

top-movies-2014-the-lego-movieI thought #2 would’ve beat this out but this was definitely the most fun I had at the theaters in a very long time. It mixed a toy we all love with creative ideas and a story that touched our hearts on multiple levels.


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