PSST! 4 Way Split 7″

psst-4-way-split-reviewIt’s weird, I don’t have a real job but somehow this Monday after the holidays was the worst…Like I actually had to get up early and return to a standard routine or something. Instead I got up late, wasted time and tried to review another album before I found this one in my inbox. Four bands make up PSST!, each bringing their own well, unique take on music.

Let’s just go track by track…Pride and Ego Down’s “Wreckage and Whys” had an indie, garage band feel that settled a bit on alternative and had one striking line but overall wasn’t particularly for me. The we rolled up on what it would sound like if the science club suddenly picked up instruments with the very geek sounding ways of Spooky Action Space Captain’s “Go To Bed, Crumpleton.” I’d definitely label this one eccentric. With “We’ll Burn That Bridge When We Get There” I felt like SRVVLST was bringing this long slow jam session intertwined between some angst ridden moments that ensured, “It’ll still get better.” Finally the punch of the split came at the end with Tir Asleen’s “Viva Pangea.” It’s like everything else was Taylor Swift up until this moment and then the rock really got laid out.

It’s less of a split and more of a compilation that offers you four different styles that range from the peculiar to intense. So if you’re the kind of music fan that likes to sample and dip their feet in different musical pools, then PSST! is for you, so check out because it’s out right now…yup, right now.

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