The Glass Child: Wandering with Whiskey

the-glass-child-interview-golden-mixtapeIt’s been a minute since we heard from The Glass Child and then low and behold we got a new album, I Must Be Gone And Live, Or Stay And Die, and now an interview. In the years between when we first met Charlotte and now she’s grown and wandered as much as she can, but now she’s dealing with heartache with something strong to drink and writing about it, still working on her marital status and thinking turtles are mystical.

Kendra: Have you wandered anywhere new and exciting lately?

The Glass Child: Well, I just landed in Paris this morning, to play some house shows, wander and write. So far it’s everything I had made it up to be in my head. Beautiful!

Kendra: Where were you mentally when you wrote I Must Be Gone and Live, or Die and Stay?

The Glass Child: A year ago I made the decision to leave England and move to Berlin in Germany. I needed a new start, new inspiration and break old habits. I found myself in a country where I didn’t understand the language with a completely new culture. I think there is something in the way you never see the bigger picture of a certain situation until you take a step back, and can see it from a perspective. So I moved to a new country and could suddenly see the last couple of years, experiences and lessons with a crystal clear light. That’s when I started to write again and that’s when I got my inspiration back to tell my stories.

Kendra: To me it sounded like a huge breakup record. Even if it’s not, I have to ask – what do you suggest binging on, food wise, when dealing with a broken heart?

The Glass Child: Whiskey.

Kendra: When I first heard your sound there was nothing like it. Then this sort of “dark pop” exploded and you had Lorde and Melanie Martinez creeping up. What are your thoughts on that genre and kind of being one of the first, to me anyways, that sounded like that?

The Glass Child: I don’t agree with labels or genres like that and I’m not trying to fit in or stand out from any box. I’m writing my music, telling my stories, trying to figure out my own way of living, and if it happens to be other people finding their ways in the same ways then that’s just beautiful.

Kendra: How are things with Broken Glass Records?

The Glass Child: Great! Still up and running. I still have dreams about expanding it to more of an art project, with both musicians, dancers, writers and film makers, but there’s another year for that.

Kendra: You fancy some mythological creatures, so tell me…what creature do you think would be a huge fan of your music?

The Glass Child: Turtles.

Kendra: Are you any closer to marrying all three Hanson brothers?

The Glass Child: I’m still working on it… I have hope!

Kendra: I want to know what five songs would be on your “Wandering Endlessly” mixtape…

The Glass Child:
All I Ever Know” – Trevor Hall
Depth Over Distance” – Ben Howard
No More Room To Breathe” – There For Tomorrow
Round Here” – Counting Crows
Only Love” – Anthony Green


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