The Armory: Partying Hard in the Vortex

the-armory-interview-golden-mixtapeWhen you’ve grown up with the styles of The Used (when they were still amazing…I can say that, they were my favorite band for many years), it’s hard not to have that bonafide rock sound in your arsenal. That’s the case for Atlanta’s own The Armory. Along with their heavy influences, the band finds solace in believing the truth is out there, partying hard and finding a piece of sanctuary on this crazy place we call earth. Below you’ll find out about all that and more as you dive into The Armory via their man Ben…so let’s get it started!

Kendra: You all got to play Warped Tour back in 2010. Do you think that scene has changed at all since then, if so how?

Ben Harris: We definitely think the scene has changed since 2010. Everything is taking a huge turn towards POP. Not that that is a bad thing… Ok it’s a bad thing. We grew up on rock and the whole post hardcore scene of Thrice, The Used, Circa Survive, Saosin, etc. and were heavily influenced by these bands. We all wish there were more bands like them still around making music. Which is kinda why we called our newest album, Rediscover. We wanted to rediscover who we were as a band and get back to our roots and influences. We felt like we had been lost for a while.

Kendra: Now on to you guys…What are three must know facts about your latest record Rediscover that we just need to know?

Ben: 1) It is the single greatest work that we have done together as a band. We are so proud of this record.

2) At least 3 of the songs were written a couple of weeks before we went into Glow in the Dark Studios in Atlanta, Ga. (one was written in studio)

3) We experimented with our vocalist on this record. We had Sean Wheeler sing on four songs and our other singer/bass player, Marc Harris sing on 4 songs, then they came together to do the title track, “Rediscover.” In the past, we have just had Sean sing the majority of the songs, but Marc has really developed as a singer and mastered his craft. It was a no-brainer to have him sing more on the album. You can really hear his progression as a vocalist on the tracks “If I Ever” and “Sanctuary”.

Kendra: Tell me, what eatery in Atlanta would be the most likely to spin this album nonstop? What place does it fit the vibe best?

Ben: THE VORTEX!! It really fits that Underground, Rock n Roll, Punk Vibe. I mean their location in Little Five Points (Downtown Atlanta) has a gigantic skull as their doorway. How can you get any better than that?!?!

Kendra: For those who haven’t seen the cover art, it’s adorned with aliens. Are you all believers?

Ben: I would say 4/5 of us our believers. Our guitar player John Patton would say that we are ridiculous for believing that their is life on other planets. He wasn’t really feeling the alien theme until we told him we were going to have a half naked girl on the cover. He was completely fine with “aliens” after that.

Kendra: What’s up with the Andrew WK obsession that seems to be going on with you guys?

Ben: Who doesn’t love Andrew W.K.?!? I honestly don’t know where that comes from. We have just always listened to him. When we are on the road touring and need a “pick me up” we just put in his CD and get wild! I would say “Party Hard” is our tour anthem.

Kendra: Other than music, what’s your idea of sanctuary?

Ben: I think our time with family and friends is our sanctuary. A couple of us have kids, wives, significant others that we find an amazing sanctuary in. It’s nice to come home off the road or from a long night of playing music to people that love and support you the way our family and friends do. So our idea of Sanctuary is just that, “family”.

Kendra: If you had to make a mixtape for an alien what five songs would you have to include?

If I Ever” – The Armory
Battery” – Metallica
Someday Bloody Sunday” – U2
All That’s Left” – Thrice
Octavarium” – Dream Theater


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