Top 10 Thursday: New Found Glory Jingle Jams

top-10-thursday-new-found-glory-songsMost things don’t really excite me anymore. This is due to a million and one reasons but one constant that will always make me smile is New Found Glory. I thought they’d lost it thanks to a horse race but I’m blaming the shit planning skills of Seabiscuit for that horrendous day. Anyways, since they’re a band I’d compare to TV and ice-cream – something I’ll never grow tired of – let’s take a look at my all time favorite NFG songs (so far).

10. Winter of ’95

9. Caught In The Act

8. No News Is Good News

7. 47

6. Intro

5. Sonny

4. The Story So Far

3. Sincerely Me

2. Ballad for the Lost Romantics

1. Truth Of My Youth


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