Wrapped in the Covers: Glamour Kills Tour

wrapped-in-the-covers-glamour-kills-tourAny time New Found Glory announces dates of any kind my bank account shivers because it knows that at least four tickets are going to be bought (I’m going to six…). Well that was fine and dandy when they went on sale I had a real job but now I’m just working freelance AKA not really working for much and my wallet is regretting so much, but my spirit isn’t. I said this on Monday as we finished the first three dates of the Glamour Kills Tour – there is something amazing about hearing your favorite songs live and those who don’t get that…you’re truly a mystery to me. However, instead of doing a handful of NFG covers I decided to give each band on the current bill a shout out. So here are covers of Candy Hearts, Fireworks, We Are The In Crowd and of course NFG.

Beth O’Reilly: Candy Hearts “I Miss You”

Tyler White: Fireworks “Decline of a Midwestern Civilization”

The Stacey Face: We Are The In Crowd “Lights Out”

Leeanne: New Found Glory “The Story So Far”


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