Molly Roth: Captivating Pinups

molly-roth-interview-golden-mixtapeAsking someone where they’re from in LA is like a game. Most people aren’t from here but head out for a dream. I’m not sure Molly Roth in an import – but she’s been all over the place, and currently calls the City of Angels home. There she’s constantly playing shows, pushing her music out to new listeners and when she’s not? She’s celebrating birthdays and playing video games. You know, typical every day things.

Molly has a great style that can only be matched by a picture perfect sound, but she says what she has coming up…well you’re in for something way different. So let’s get to know Molly Roth a little more.

Kendra: Did you ever feel any pressure having started in music so young?

Molly Roth: No! I basically was pressuring my mom to put me in as many classes, lessons, and auditions as I possibly could!

Kendra: You’ve lived a lot of places, but which fits you best as far as creativity?

Molly: I am most creative in foreign places…I’d say London since many weekends I would just take a Ryan Air flight to a new city in Europe.

Kendra: Where’d the influence come from for your pinup style? Obviously the ‘50s, but what made you want to that as your signature style?

Molly: I grew up with my mom listening to many female vocalists of the ‘20s on her record player…so I love jazz singers; June Christy and Lena Horne. I love modeling and all things pin up! It just came naturally.

Kendra: So your new record is “unlike anything” you’ve ever done. So what does that mean, can you give us a hint? Maybe three words that describe the new direction… So what does that mean, can you give us a hint?

Molly: Maybe three words that describe the new direction…Concise. Captivating. Sexy?

Kendra: Maybe you were influenced by the sounds of video games. You’re a gamer but I have to know who are you when you take on Mario Kart and why?

Molly: Okay…so I have to say I love Yoshi but someone always grabs Yoshi before I do…so I choose Bowser. Bowser might be fat and slow but he runs over all the small characters and I think he is kinda cute.

Kendra: Something else I noticed is that you’re big on wishing people happy birthday, but what do you do for your special day usually?

Molly: I take birthdays way too seriously. I throw huge parties, love to go to the Magic Castle in Hollywood since I am obsessed with that place, and I just like making sure everyone is having a blast. Then, it’s a success. Alcohol and dancing are involved in that too.

Kendra: Do you think you’ll be branching out of LA next year when it comes to playing shows?

Molly: I hope so! I would love to tour one day!

Kendra: If you had to make a mixtape that went perfect with a plate of chocolate chip cookies and a huge glass of milk, which five songs would have to be on there?

Share It Maybe” by the Cookie Monster
“My Oh My” by Aqua
What’s Your Fantasy” by Ludacris
D.A.N.C.E” by Justice
Lilac Wine” by Jeff Buckley (this is obviously for the sugar crash)


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