Top 10 Thursday: Back 2 School Mix

top-10-thursday-back-2-school-mixHere’s the facts – I’m old and I miss school every year when the back to school sales start and I see the sad faces on those first days. I’m like, really…be happy because after you leave school you’ll be hit with a brick known as reality. So as I sit and wish for homework, here’s some songs for those lucky enough to still be enrolled.

10. “Summer Lovin” Grease

Hopefully you had a great summer to reminisce about while you’re bored as fuck in homeroom.

9. Saved by the Bell Theme

It’s really an inspirational tale about getting to school in the morning.

8. “Mr. Jones” Counting Crows

It has absolutely no relevance but it makes me happy, so I’m sure it’ll get anyone through the first day, week, month, year of school.

7. “Attention” The Academy Is…

Because…you have to pay attention, duh…

6. “…Baby One More Time” Britney Spears

The video captures that boredom and daydream thing all students share.

5. “Growing Up” Fall Out Boy

Each year you’re growing up a little bit, so yup…

4. “Summer” Fireworks

The thoughts of summer never really leave your side.

3. “Weightless” All Time Low

They might be for tweens and teens but come on guys, these lyrics are pretty great.

2. “Express Yourself” Madonna

I think the best lesson to any kid is to be yourself on that first day.

1. “Graduation” Head Automatica

Don’t forget the end goal – graduate and get the fuck out of that place.


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