A Day Without Love & Uncle/Father Oscar: A Day Without Oscar


Before we head towards the weekend and split from all responsibilities let’s talk about the split between A Day Without Love, who we’re familiar with here at GM, and Uncle/Father Oscar. One half was great musically and the other stole my little heart. So let’s just get to A Day Without Oscar because it’s Friday ya’ll.

First up, our old pals A Day Without Love. I loved the arrangement in “Lost Children.” Musically this track was on point and there are no complaints there. For it and “Broken Bridge” though I felt this sense of ‘90s alternative in the vocals that was neither here nor there. I wanted a bit more, a little more push from them. However, while I was swooning the music of “Children” I was leaning more towards the energy of “Bridge.” Now onto Uncle/Father Oscar and kudos for the name – five cool points if you know where that’s from. “Renee Renee” offered the most rock from this record but it was “Was That a Mistake?” that owned this split. It had personality and the “do wah do wah” parts were stellar.

In the end this record was one part indie, two parts rock and a little punk tossed in the mix. You think you can handle that? Then make sure to head to another tab and check out A Day Without Love and Uncle/Father Oscar’s A Day Without Oscar, out now.

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