Top 10 Thursday: Breakup Songs

top-10-thursday-breakup-songsAs Neil Sedaka once sang, “Breaking up is hard to do.” While I’m not going through one at the moment, I still felt like taking on this topic and it just so happens a lot of the following songs are some of my favorites on any regular day. So if you’re actually dealing with a broken heart, here you go – go ahead and listen, cry it out, rip up some pictures, lurk their Facebook, cry some more and belt out the following tracks and then try and move on.

10. I Call Fives “Lakeview”

Lines to live by: “I won’t stand by your side and beg for affection. I shouldn’t have to scream just to get your attention.”

9. 3LW “No More (Baby I’ma Do Right)”

Lines to live by: “Blowin’ up my pager say you want a chance a chance. Listen when I say player please.”
* I just really wanted to use this song because it says pager*

8. N’SYNC “Bye Bye Bye”

Lines to live by: “…it’s time to leave and make it alone.”

7. Kelly Clarkson “Since You’ve Been Gone”

Lines to live by: “Now I get what I want, since you’ve been gone.”

6. Dashboard Confessional “Screaming Infidelities”

Lines to live by: “And sit alone and wonder how you’re making out, but as for me, I wish that I was anywhere with anyone making out.”
* For those still in the Facebook lurking, why did they leave me phase…

5. The Movielife “Hey”

Lines to live by: “Hey, I guess I’ll figure it out the reasons why things went the way they did and why we can’t accept it.”

4. We Are The In Crowd “The Best Thing (That Never Happened)”

Lines to live by: “So toxic, you ain’t nothin’ but a prick.”

3. Hit The Lights “Her Eyes Say Yes”

Lines to live by: “I pray you die slowly (die slowly) so I can be the last thing you see.”
*It’s better to sing about being a psychopath than to act it out.

2. Demi Lovato “Really Don’t Care”

Lines to live by: “You don’t deserve to know the way I used to think about you.”

1. Alanis Morissette “You Oughta Know”

Lines to live by: “It’s not fair to deny me.”


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