Top 10 Thursday: Songs That Aid Mental Breakdowns

top-10-thursday-songs-that-aid-mental-breakdownsWhether it’s breaking down because I don’t feel good enough about something be it work related or physically, or crying because sometimes (most times) that’s how I spend a lot of my mornings – these songs really do help me out. They’re like little hugs of comfort.

10. Christina Aguilera “Beautiful”

I’ve never had really good self-esteem and that’s an essay within itself but in high school one of my best friends would always direct this song at me and to this day I think of her doing that and it makes me feel a little better when I’m down about my outer layer.

9. Golden Girls Theme Song

TV is my soul mate. I’m sure of it so this is just one of the many theme songs that make me feel at home when the world is chaotic.

8. Matchbox Twenty “Hand Me Down”

Rob Thomas’ voice could calm me down any time of the day.

7. Motion City Soundtrack “Pulp Fiction”

Sometimes I don’t need something serious, I just want to ramble and forget about the outside world.

6. Limp Bizkit “Break Stuff”

Yup, whenever I’m really fed up with everything I turn this on and just go for it.

5. Backstreet Boys “Madeleine”

In the past year this song has really been there during some of the harder moments.

4. Good Charlotte “The Motivation Proclamation”

Since I was in middle school, and likely for the rest of my days.

3. Sheryl Crow “Everyday Is A Winding Road”

Another oldie – I’ve loved this one since I was like 9…?

2. Incubus “Warning”

“Be otherworldly” – I’m trying.

1. The Tower and the Fool “Scoliosis”

Read the review and you’ll know why this one’s forever in my corner.


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