Wrapped in the Covers: All Time Low “Remembering Sunday”

wrapped-in-the-covers-all-time-low-remembering-sundayOne of my favorite bands to go and see is All Time Low. Yes, I’m twice as old as their average fan, but they’re so good and fun – whatever. So this week I was like, hmm…what song of theirs do I want to focus on? I tried to go with one of my favorites, but no one was doing “Somewhere in Neverland” justice, so I went with one that’s my favorite part of their set – “Remembering Sunday.” Why do I love this little break? Well I love to scream the song while everyone else tries to belt it out like Alex does. Sorry if I bothered you at a SoCal show, that was likely me trying to remake this song into something from The Used circa my high school days. Anyways, here are some ATL covers I wanted to appreciate this week!

Dan Carder & Cait Biedermann

Kelsey Lemus

Day Break

Claire Taylor

Aaron Rayford (The Deep Space Network) and Sarah Bower


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