Top 10 Thursday: Shows, Glorious Shows

top-10-thursday-concertsWhile I don’t go to as many as I used to, concerts will forever be a part of who I am. From boy bands to ‘90s gems to some anniversary shows I would love to repeat again – these are 10 of my favorite concerts ever…so far…

10. Jonas Brothers @ Jimmy Kimmel
jonas brothersHave you ever danced in the rain to Disney pop? If not, you haven’t lived.

9. Patrick Stump @ Hotel Café
patrick stumpIt was the first time seeing him outside of FOB and I was stunned by how amazing he was. He was always this thing standing there when he was with the band, but that night he became the performer I’d always wanted him to be.

8. Hellogoodbye @ Chain Reaction
HellogoodbyeChristmas party back when they were still a fun band. Now? Sadly they’re (Forest) is just some aging hipster.

7. The Starting Line @ Glasshouse
the starting lineSay It Like You Mean It from start to finish and this show didn’t have the 20 minute break because a crowd surfer went down.

6. The Used @ Soma
the usedIt was my first GA show, so it has a special place in my heart.

5. New Found Glory @ HOB
nfgAnother 10 year anniversary show but minus Saves The Day – that was a perfect tour and that last show was nothing short of perfection. Again, minus boring STD.

4. Matchbox 20 @ Gibson
matchbox 20I’d been waiting since the 3rd grade to see them and it was well worth the wait!

3. Limp Bizkit @ The Pearl
limp bizkitFree show, um…fuck yeah…

2. Backstreet Boys @ The Palladium
backstreet-boysMore boy band shows should be GA, just saying.

1. Spice Girls @ Staples Center
spice-girls.jpgIt was such a process to get the tickets but I can truly say 5th grade Kendra was ecstatic and the Girls put on one hell of a show.


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